Small Cell Forum outlines the role it wants in 5G

The Small Cell Forum believes it can make a unique contribution to the development of 5G by drawing on its knowledge and experience in small cell design and deployment. To make its case clear it has produced a document outlining where it thinks it can contribute the most.

The main thrust of the Forum’s thinking is that 5G will in large part see denser networks and smaller cells – with  implications for future standards, including the need for new levels of cost and power efficiency, self-organisation, dynamic capacity allocation and automation. That puts the work SCF has already done, and intends to do, right in the 5G frame.

Small Cell Forum has identified six main areas where it thinks it can offer relevant contributions to 5G development.

These are:

  • supporting a competitive ecosystem by introducing open standards to accommodate new players and unforeseen applications. The Forum has  experience in creating frameworks for diversity of players to interoperate
  • producing a heterogeneous and self-organising architecture capable of supporting 5G approaches to cost and flexibility, as well as being adaptable to future technologies. The Forum’s previous work on self-optimising networks (SON) for dense networks will provide a firm foundation for any future developments
  • creating an agile architecture which can provide unity, but also address the likely emergence of future technologies. With the future of 5G being relatively unknown, the Forum’s workgroups and Release Program could help identify use cases to support 5G development
  • implementing a modular solution framework that allows for diversity of application, and for competition across the ecosystem
  • using a common API (application programming interface) framework to encourage development of new and future services in an interoperable way. The Forum’s services working group is currently in the process of defining a standardised set of APIs in content management and precision location
  • demonstrating a track record of cooperating with other industry bodies to achieve integration with platforms as harmonising multiple technologies is likely to be a key element of 5G

For the full paper, which goes into much more detail in these areas, go here.