SKT and Nokia release few details on SDN EPC trial

SK Telecom and Nokia appear to have been carrying out SDN EPC trials, validating the ability to control distributed user plane elements from a centralised control plane functions.

The separation of control and user plane, abstracting control from the forwarding elements, is of course the definition of SDN. Although not specifically a 5G technology it seems highly likely that 5G networks will need to lean on SDN to enable the delivery of different service classes across the network from a common control layer.

Nokia and SKT said: As end user traffic must go through not only radio access network but also core network before reaching the Internet, radical renovations on core network architecture is one of the keys to the successful implementation and commercialization of 5G.”

The two companies have also added their names to the growing list of operator-vendor 5G co-operations out there, opening a 5G research and development center at Nokia Networks’ Korean office.