Regional 5G bodies plan to get together and form two Global 5G Events

The main regional bodies involved in developing 5G in the Americas, Europe and Asia have signed an agreement to consolidate the growing number of regional events into two, biannual, Global 5G events.

4G Americas, (Americas), The Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF) (Japan), 5G Forum (Republic of Korea), IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group (non-profit organization, China) and The 5G Infrastructure Association – Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) (Europe) have all signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly organise two events per year in the coming years.

The motive is to try and develop more of a global consensus, and support multilateral collaboration on 5G. Although not stated, presumably the idea is also to prevent the multiple replication of content and conference programmes across the world, freeing up speaker and sponsorship commitments.

The first two “Global 5G Events” will respectively be in the first half of 2016 in Asia under the responsibility of IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group and in the second half of 2016 in Europe under the responsibility of The 5G Infrastructure Association.