Rahman Jamal: How We Can Reach 5G

National Instruments’ global technology & marketing director Rahman Jamal

Image Credit: all-electronics.de

Rahman Jamal, of National Instruments, has clarified a few ways in which 5G can turn from a speculative concept into a deployable technology in an article on ‘TechWeekEurope’.

The global technology and marketing director of the company claims that technology such as ‘New 5G waveforms, network densification, massive MIMO, and mmWave communications may be incrementally deployed along a time curve and as such are not mutually exclusive and may be complementary’.

To reach unprecedented data rates and mobile access, as well as connecting a wealth of new and diverse devices being touted for 5G, Jamal suggests better use could be made of existing spectrum. ‘New 5G waveforms (See more on 5G waveforms) attempt to address spectrum efficiency using the existing network infrastructure to accommodate more users and devices and to squeeze out more bits per hertz’, he said.

Another option Jamal proposes is the densification of networks. ‘It means increasing the number of access points, including macro cells, small cells, and pico cells, deployed in a geographic region’, he said. ‘In addition to densification, new network topologies such as Cloud RAN or C-RAN enable service operators to locate their equipment in the cloud, which significantly reduces the heating and cooling costs of locally deployed equipment as well as the power consumption of a network’.

“5G will happen and its impact will be transformational”

Jamal also cites an experiment by Sweden’s Lund University as evidence for the potential of massive MIMO to increase data rates by 100X or more, before recommending new spectrum frontiers in the millimetre wave frequency range following Nokia Networks’ successful mmWave communication link prototype.

‘5G will happen and its impact will be transformational’, he claimed. ‘But researchers need the tools and technologies to design and rapidly prototype their concepts faster to expedite the time to market and, ultimately, the time to deployment’.

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