Latvia wants to leverage Nokia relationship to be 5G leader

Latvian operator LMT thinks it could be one of the first operators globally to launch 5G services, by exploiting its relationship with its vendor supplier Nokia and an investment model it used to roll out LTE.

LMT’s Chairman Juris Binde told a conference of the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association that the model could even be of use in other markets. “Even though the introduction of the 5G network is several years away, LMT has developed an innovative 4G investment model, which could become an example to other operators around the world, thus Latvia’s experience is interesting also on the international level,” Binde explained.

The operator has a close working relationship with Nokia and thinks this could result in it being amongst the first to deploy 5G.

“Now, we are working on the creation of the 5G network, and are committed to be amongst the world leaders in introducing this network,” Binde said.