KT and Ericsson show off Dynamic Interference Co-Ordination

KT staff at work

Image credit: whowired.com

KT and Ericsson have reportedly successfully demonstrated a technology termed Dynamic Interference Control. A report described DIC as ‘a prerequisite factor for 5G futuristic telecommunications’.

According to the report on WhoWired, DIC controls interference signals between terminal devices and nearby base stations, improving download speeds by an average of 30% and enhancing voice quality.

Re-emphasising its commitment to ‘spearhead 5G telecommunications’, KT has linked the technology’s ability to secure quality services in populated urban areas with 5G, predicting the deployment of denser networks in high frequency bands.

We can’t find too much else on the demonstration just yet but are hoping Ericsson will fill us in on further details. For example, is this a version or enhancement of another interference co-ordination technique? Operators have been known to give their own names to existing specifications, after all.

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