Korea Watch: Outdoor MIMO demo and 5G Co-Op With Brazil

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KT has succeeded in trialling an outdoor Massive MIMO demonstration, which is the ‘world’s first’ according to Business Korea.

“capacity increased by five times that of commercial LTE terminals”

The provider teamed up with Huawei at an LTE base station located in China last Thursday where the pair combined 128 antennas, 16 data channel and 3D beam forming for the demo.

KT will accelerate R&D in an effort to get a pilot service out for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

“South Korea has signed a three-year cooperation agreement with Brazil”

Meanwhile, South Korea has signed a three-year cooperation agreement with Brazil  which will see the two nations partner on ICT. 5G technology and R&D in the Internet of Things are listed as some of the bilateral activities.

Finally, Lee Sang-chul, CEO of LGUplus, is expected to expand on the company’s plans for 5G development at the opening ceremony for its new Yongsan headquarters on Wednesday.

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