Jordan Must Act To Become 5G Leader in Middle-East

Rafiah Ibrahim, Ericsson's head of region Middle East

An Ericsson executive has urged telecommunication companies in Jordan to start preparing for 5G immediately or risk being left behind – despite the fact 4G only launched in the nation earlier this year.

“5G will be the solution”

The Middle East is set to undergo the strongest mobile data traffic growth of any region in the immediate future, with an expected annual growth of 77% during the next five years. Ericsson’s head of the region, Rafiah Ibrahim, has appealed for national action with 5G on the horizon.

‘For telecom operators to ensure continued growth and increase their market share, it is a necessity to start looking into the best means for introducing 5G,’ she pronounced in the Jordan Times. ‘It plays a pivotal role in advancing countries’ economies and attracting investments.’

Jordan is one of the more technologically developed countries in the area, with official figures outlining that mobile and mobile broadband penetration reached 114% and 11.4 % respectively by mid-2014. But with this comes a greater demand for data, for which Ibrahim claims: ‘5G will be the solution.’

“Operators in Jordan and the rest of the region need to start preparing their own plans if they do not want to be late”

Jawad Abbassi, founder and general manager of the Arab Advisers Group, also weighed in with his thoughts. ‘Operators in Jordan and the rest of the region need to start preparing their own plans if they do not want to be late in launching such services,’ he warned.

Abbassi also put pressure on the government to act, arguing that it must outline a clear strategy on the pricing of frequencies that it will sell to operators for next-generation technology in order to give companies the ability to thrust Jordan forward as the region leader.

‘It is very important for regulators to have transparent and clear pricing and regulations to avoid delays. The lack of a clear strategy will make telcos hesitant to invest in the launch of the new technology, which is essential as mobile data is on the rise.’

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