ITU’s 5G gap analysis think tank gets extended remit

Will focus further on softwarisation, ICN and slicing.

An ITU body formed to find gaps in 5G standardisation is to keep on working on new problems, having delivered its initial report on 5G technology.

The body, known as ITU-T Focus Group IMT 2020 has been looking at network aspects of IMT-2020, spending six months looking at gaps in the standardisation process related to 5G. It focussed on areas such as “softwarization and slicing, emerging technologies, end to end QoS and a number of the different subject areas”, according to the group’s Chairman, Peter Ashwood-Smith. It has just delivered its findings into the Study Group 13.

Now the Focus Group has been issued a new mandate, to work until the end of 2016 taking a deeper dive into certain technology areas.

Ashwood-Smith said that the Group will narrow its focus to look at certain areas in more detail. Softwarisation is one, and the terms of reference include the ability to look at and work with the Open Source community to look at ways it can influence and take advantage of their work. He expects a round of meetings on subjects such as Information Centric Network, Fronthaul-Backhaul control and orchestration and control of slicing.

To make a submission to the Focus Group then interested parties can register for the email group, and join an open meeting, and submit ideas as to what you would like to see done through 5G. “There’s no requirement to be a member of any particular organisation,” Ashwood-Smith said.