ITU agrees to call IMT-2020… IMT-2020, sets next steps for 5G

The ITU-R working group dedicated to IMT-2o2o (the group looking at the radio bit of 5G, to you and me) has just finished a week long meeting in San Diego. To mark the event the ITU produced a press release on the results of the meeting. These appear to be:

1. It’s going to call its work in this area IMT-2020. Which is, of course, what it is already calling its work in this area. Did it take a week to decided not to change the name of its own Programme? But wait, let’s not get carried away, because it only expects the ITU-R to formally adopt the IMT-2020 name in October.

The ITU noted that, “The use of the term “IMT-2020″ is a placeholder terminology and the specific nomenclature to be adopted for the future development of IMT is expected to be finalised at the Radiocommunication Assembly 2015.” Well, now it is in fact going to adopt the placeholder term as the actual term. So we can all breathe easy.

2. It has decided on its future path, which is to “establish detailed technical performance requirements for the radio systems to support 5G, taking into account the needs of a wide portfolio of future scenarios and use cases, and then to specify the evaluation criteria for assessment of candidate radio interface technologies to join the IMT-2020 family.”

This evaluation of performance requirements is going to take until 2017. There’s already quite a bit out there for the ITU to lean on, so presumably it’s looking for some really detailed stuff.

Then from 2018 to 2020 we’ll see the actual evaluation of proposals addressed at these requirements. The whole process is planned to be completed in 2020 when a draft new ITU-R Recommendation with detailed specifications for the new radio interfaces will be submitted for approval within ITU-R.

So, the name is (nearly) agreed on, the path is set. There’s just the small matter of getting started.