Huawei’s Ultra Node makes headlines… again

Huawei's Ultra Node antenna takes pride of place

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Huawei’s Ultra Node antenna certainly looks like it’s about to take flight, and it has been flying around 5G news stories for some time.

Last Friday (30th January), reported on the prototype of the base station and featured several snaps of the antenna standing proudly in Huawei’s Shenzhen, China campus – but the ‘alien pods’ are not new.

Huawei ‘unveiled its Ultra Node prototype design’ way back in February 2013 at the Mobile World Congress and there’s footage of the prototype, perhaps with a slightly different design, reappearing at a CommunicAsia event the following June. Bloomberg also took photographs of the node last August.

‘TechRadar’ may have missed the piece of kit when it was initially revealed at MWC as they chose to focus on Huawei’s attempts to break into the smartphone market, but it seems likely that, with physical examples of 5G-related technology scarce to non-existent, this is an example of a product being seized upon as evidence of  5G progress. There aren’t any specification updates detailed within the story, so it’s hard to know if this is the same two year old prototype or a design with new features.

It’s fair to say, though, that if this infrastructure does start popping up on your local lampposts you may already be bored of seeing it.

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