Huawei and Telefonica deepen 5G cooperation with CloudRAN and core focus

Huawei and Telefonica, already partners in 5G R&D, have signed a joint agreement to cooperate on the development of next generation Radio Access Network (RAN) and core network technology.

A statement from the companies said that 5G Core architecture evolution and research on CloudRAN would be the major cooperation areas. Specifically the companies will look at CloudRAN, User-centric “no cell” tech, re-architecting the core and Massive MIMO innovation.

“No cell” technology is the term Huawei gives to the virtual RAN – whereby users are not connected to a specific physical cell as currently, but instead to Remote Radio Heads that are coordinated by a virtual cell.

“We are very pleased to have reached this further agreement with Huawei to keep cooperating on 5G and the next generation RAN. The collaboration with Huawei in this area allows sharing the true requirements of a global operator as Telefonica, and helping to focus on providing the right solutions on this Advanced Network at the right time,” said Enrique Blanco, Chief Technology Officer, Telefonica Group.

The two companies signed an initial agreement to co-operate in November 2015. Vendors signing agreements with operators has been a feature of 5G development. Vendors get the kudos of association with an operator, plus insight into operator requirements. Operators get a chance to influence vendor R&D, and promote their own goals, as well as harness funding for R&D efforts.