Google takes reserved approach to 5G

Google’s Andy Clegg sounded reserved on the subject of 5G and insisted that the technology will be based on tech which already exists.

Speaking at Light Reading’s Spectrum 2025 event on Thursday 5th February, Clegg said: ‘It’s not some new kind of technology that is going to pop out’ and suggested ‘LTE or some variant using carrier aggregation’ would be the basis of 5G technology.

Clegg listed a host of existing technology, such as “spectrum sharing, carrier aggregation, advanced beam-forming” and “massive MIMO” antenna arrays, which he linked to the next generation and also indicated that the millimetre wave would have a role to play.

He also discussed the possibility of high frequency spectrum, as high as terahertz frequencies, but admitted that this would be in the distant future.

So Clegg’s speech didn’t offer the typically radical view of innovation which Google is renowned for, but instead formed  a fairly standard, if valid, run through of candidate enabling technologies for 5G. If Google has a cunning plan for 5G, it’s keeping it hidden for now.

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