Future Social Network Service is ETRI’s vision for 5G

Korea’s research institute ETRI posted a useful release last week listing out key enabling technologies that it says are the results of its 5G R&D. You can read it here.

Notable is the mix of short range device-to-device tech, new radio tech (full duplex, MIMO, mmWave), small cells, a mobile edge platform for vehicles and backhaul for high speed vehicles.

future SNS

It bundles all this up into a concept it calls “Future Social Network Service” (Future SNS). It says that “future SNS” is a kind of trial service model to apply 5G technologies to provide high bandwidth connectivity to people, things and spaces, enabling content-sharing between users, communication with neighbouring things, and Gbps-grade video applications in vehicles.

The release was put out prior to a demonstration day held on Friday 18th December.

“With this demonstration event, we are officially introducing our R&D results on 5G. We will continue to lead the development of 5G technologies. Also, we are trying to develop commercialization technologies needed by businesses, and to construct a 5G ecosystem.” said Dr. Hyun Kyu Chung, vice president of ETRI Communication & Internet Lab.

Certainly looks like there is more to come from ETRI and worth keeping an eye on.