Finland starts work on 5G network

Finnish technical research centre VTT and the University of Oulu have begun building a two-part 5G test network, one component of which will be open to use for the general public.

Whilst one part of the network will be closed within the VTT premises, a public network at Oulu University will be an open test platform, which anyone can take advantage of in order for the network’s performance under heavy load to be examined. Extended coverage throughout other areas of the city is planned.

The partners agree it can be used in the IoT market and that it will allow usage of multimedia and cloud-based services. The project manager, VTT’s Atso Hekkala, was keen to stress the international implications. ‘This will enable a long-term collaboration between the operators within the entire wireless ecosystem. With this venture we will stay abreast the international 5G development’, she said.

Oulu University’s Matti Latva-aho claimed: ‘5G will be the standard technology for the traditional, fast-growing wireless multi-media communications, and for the future massive machine-to-machine sector. Although 5G demands for significant architectural changes and the use of whole new technologies, it must also enable a flexible move from current application architectures and technologies to new ones’.

Whilst the current agenda is very much focussed on the network as a testbed, VTT have picked the commonly used 2020 date as the prediction for the environment’s evolution into a full-scale 5G network.

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