FANTASTIC-5G starts its two year programme to research sub-6GHz 5G

Another week, another whackily named research project gets under way. After NORMA last week, this week those involved in the FANTASTIC-5G project get down to work.

The project’s name is drawn from the following title words: Flexible Air iNTerfAce for Scalable service delivery wiThin wIreless Communication networks of the 5th Generation. As that suggests it wil focus on the air interface, specifically on developing “a new multi-service Air Interface (AI) for below 6 GHz through a modular design”.

The project will develop technical components below and integrate them into an overall AI framework:

  • a flexible waveform and frame design,
  • scalable multiple access procedures,
  • adaptive retransmission schemes,
  • enhanced multi-antenna schemes with/without cooperation,
  • advanced multi-user detection,
  • interference coordination,
  • support for ultra-dense cell layouts,
  • multicell radio resource management,

Participating companies include Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Intel, Nokia, Samsung and Sequans, as well as operators Orange and Telecom Italia. A clutch of technical institutes and universities are also involved, including Aalborg, Bari, Bremen, Catalunya and the FHH.