Ericsson’s 5 use cases for 5G – nice job

Ericsson has been busy on its 5G website, with one interesting aspect has been its publicising this week of five key use cases it has identified for 5G.

The use cases are not remarkable for their originality, but they do serve as a useful distillation of the 25 cases that NGMN threw at us earlier in the year. If nothing else they serve as a nice reminder of the sorts of things that 5G will have to do – and perhaps more importantly the “enablers” required to deliver those requirements.

Each use case – Broadband everywhere, Smart Vehicles etc is broken down in terms of requirements, and then the enablers broken down into radio access, core and management (or orchestration). So this example below calls out things such as soft SIMs, network slicing, reduced signalling and so on.

The next step, of course, is to actually find the technologies that deliver those enablers – things such as shorter frames (signalling) or SDN-NFV (service/network slicing).

But as a visualisation of how to think about 5G at the moment, Inside5G says, “Nice job Ericsson!”

Ericsson 5G

Ericsson’s 5G use case example (Click for bigger)