Ericsson slices up network slicing Proof of Concept

NTT DoCoMo said it had demonstrated a Network Slicing Proof of Concept, using commercial technology from Ericsson.

The trial saw the operator design network slice and selection functions, with Ericsson’s performing the control and management of the slicing in the network. There wasn’t any further detail as to which elements were used, the architecture deployed, or indeed what slices were defined and created.

Perhaps there will be more detail on offer at 5G World in London,where the companies say they will be delivering a demo of the PoC.

Ericsson is also one of the companies trialling 5G radio prototypes in the field with NTTDoCoMo, and it has said before that the new air interface would need to support network slicing through to the device.

Network Slicing is a core network technique that enables a network to deliver services with differential performance characteristics – effectively “slicing” a physical network up into different virtual slices, dependent on the service requirements. So for instance you might have an ultra-reliable slice for critical comms, or a very low latency slice. The trick is to have the control in the network to understand what the service requirements are, and instruct the network to create the relevant slice, hooking up the technical parameters required in the network.