Ericsson looks to slice the cake for 5G

Sliced ‘networks on-demand’ are the answer to matching the increase in variety of resource-hungry 5G use cases – that’s according to a White Paper released today by Ericsson.

The Swedish company estimates that ‘traffic volumes will be multiplied 1,000 times; 100 times more devices will require connectivity; some applications will demand data rates 100 times the speeds that average networks currently deliver’ to name just a few challenges, and are proposing that the concept of network slicing may become a critical enabler for future 5G networks.

Ericsson 5G network slices

Network slicing could match network capabilities to a variety of 5G use cases. Credit: Ericsson

The idea is for the slices to be cut perfectly to meet the needs of the service ordering it. This ditches the one-size-fits-all approach and means the speed, capacity and coverage of each slice will be tailored to demand.

Ericsson states that this slicing process will result in the breaking up of the current building-block network architecture and ‘will provide a greater level of abstraction’.

Check out the white paper in its entirety here.

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