EE looks to lead way in 5G

EE’s latest £1.5 billion investment plans not only commit to a greater rollout of 4G, but also lay the foundations for the operator to be “a global leader in 5G”.

The UK-based operator, currently in the process of a £12.5 billion takeover by BT, announced the hefty investments on Wednesday 11th February and principle network architect, Professor Andy Sutton, was keen to speak of EE’s move towards the next generation.

‘We’ve invested in 4G, now we’re investing in 5G so that we can define the next step, and keep both us and the UK mobile industry one step ahead’, he said. ‘We will continue to evolve new 4G technologies, as they lay the perfect foundation for being a global leader in 5G’.

Already collaborating with the research centres of academic institutions such as 5GIC and the EU’s Horizon 2020 project, EE has made no secret of its interest in 5G.

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