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About this site:
Inside5G  aims to provide an up to date, live repository for information, links, comment, opinion and news related to the development and discussion of 5G and supporting technologies.

Why now?
Well, it’s that time – we can ignore it no more. 5G is a thing even if it is not an actual “thing” in network definition terms. There are vendor white papers, conferences, even press releases name-checking 5G, not to mention a plethora of national and international research bodies looking into 5G technology.

But there’s also confusion around 5G – what it means, what 5G technology is (or will be) and relatively little that brings together 5G experts with the wider industry. So this is the right time to try and do something that makes sense of 5G-related research, and also of the increasing 5G noise and hype.

Who is it by?
Principally by the team behind The Mobile Network. But also by you. If you have an editorial enquiry, story or a post for Inside5G: Email Inside5 .

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