Chinese Research Calls For 5G ‘Revolutionary Techniques’

A new 5G research paper argues for ‘a set of revolutionary techniques to meet the 5G requirements ’ – and details several possible solutions.

The paper, put together by various experts and published in ‘SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences’, has made use of analysis of 5G requirements and current research, and examined potential network architecture.

“they shed light on a promising technology developing trend”

Listed techniques include ‘non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA), massive multiple input and multiple output (MIMO), cooperative communications and network coding, full duplex (FD), device-to-device (D2D) communications, millimetre wave communications, automated network organisation, cognitive radio (CR), and green communications’.

‘Although these techniques may be only a small portion of what would be used in 5G systems, they shed light on a promising technology developing trend,’ claimed the author. ‘To achieve the goal of IMT-2020 and beyond, we believe that there will be greater breakthroughs in wireless communication technology as research and development goes further’.

View the article in full here.

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