Can we please not sell 5G till we’ve shifted all our 4G kit?

Come on people. Stop calling everything 5G, it’s ridonkulous. The race to label everything 5G is silly because it doesn’t even exist yet and in any case even if there is 5G it will involve a stop-off at 4.5G, which is handy because we have lots of 4.5 technology to sell.

I mean, by all means go ahead and sell your gear just don’t call it 5G.

Still, just as well Alcatel-Lucent is taking this realistic position on 5G. One could be forgiven for thinking it’s quite keen on the topic.

Alcatel-Lucent Paving the Way for 5G

Bell Labs 5G

What would our children want from 5G?

5GNOW – 5th Generation Non-Orthogonal Waveforms for Asynchronous Signalling

Of course, what Alu is keen on is what we might call “proper 5G” – that is – a generation of network technology that actually does something different in terms of user experience, and the technologies used to deliver those experiences.

So, actually, we at Inside 5G can after all get behind Peeters’ calls for realism on 5G.