Busy Calendar for 5G – more events added

As talk of 5G gathers pace, the conference planners are getting in on the act.  A clutch of events are scheduled for the first half of 2015: here’s your guide to what is happening where, and when. Organisers seem to want to move the concept of 5G on from its academic stages to something more tangible for the industry.

The majority of focus seems to be based on the basics – namely, is there a great enough need for 5G and, if there is, how does the industry meet this demand? There’s also clearly a need to define exactly how 5G will (or won’t) co-exist with legacy networks, and what technologies will form the basis for this proposed next generation of wireless technology.

Just today, Nokia used its #NetworksPerform Webinar Series to discuss evolving network architecture, expanding human possibilities and operators’ businesses in relation to 5G, but if you missed it there are plenty more dates in the pipeline.

Frost & Sullivan: Enabling the Next Leap in Wireless Technologies: 5G – 18 February 2015 – Online

Experts will lead a short teleconference about new findings that affect the market, followed by a live question-and-answer session as they look to deal with what is achievable in terms of data rates, user capacity and latency with 5G networks and analyse the activities of industry players.

Mobile World Congress – 2-5 March 2015 – Barcelona The ‘greatest mobile event’ has stepped up its 5G game with three dedicated sessions from the GSMA and a splinter event from FierceWireless for good measure. Below are the presentations for those who will be in Barcelona.

2nd March – 12:30-14:00: Fiercewireless and Telecomasia will team up to present ‘The Path to 5G: Defining the Next Generation of Wireless Networks’. The panel will focus on spectrum and wrestle with issues such as how operators can simultaneously deploy new technologies whilst preparing for growing demand.

3rd March – 09:15-10:45: ‘Keynote 3: The Road to 5G’ promises to deal with the question of whether Europe’s ambitions for 5G will be fulfilled and how fundamental technological changes in the telecoms industry will fit in with the network.

4th March – 14:00-15:00: This session on ‘5G Requirements’ will consider what is not 5G and also address whether 5G will be driven by technical innovation or if it will simply be a superior implementation of what already exists.

4th March – 15:15-16:15: Following the morning session, the ‘5G Services’ presentation will provide an insight into new services which may be enabled by 5G and whether these will be a difficult sell to investors and consumers.

NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition – 24-25 March 2015 – Frankfurt

NGMN are looking to showcase the content and main messages of their 5G White Paper at this event where board directors, senior industry and research representatives as well as subject matter experts will be in the spotlight as they look to share insight, provide a comprehensive overview of 5G issues and offer a view on the coming years’ roadmap.

The Brooklyn 5G Summit – 8-10 April 2015 – New York City

The second of its kind, this summit is an annual forum organised by Nokia Networks and the NYU WIRELESS research centre of New York University, to discuss trends of “what’s hot and what’s not”, and what will be the best ways to take the first steps towards understanding and framing the world’s 5G wireless technology. Focus will be on spectrum assets above 6 GHz and progress in channel modelling at these higher frequencies. Further, Massive MIMO and Beamforming solutions for 5G systems will be discussed.

IEEE International Workshop on Software Defined 5G Networks (Soft5G 2015) – 13-17 April 2015 – London

This London event promises to provide a platform which will bring research and industry partners together to discuss research results, ongoing work and general experiences relating to software-based 5G networks and services. The convergence of heterogeneous wireless networks, EPC and NPC evolution as well as programming abstractions will be discussed over the five days, to name just a few of the topics on the agenda.

Building America’s 5G Ecosystem – 14 April 2015 – New York City

Not to be left out, Light Reading says this event aims to contribute to industry awareness of emerging 5G requirements and specifications. Uses-cases, spectrum allocation, RAN technologies, backhaul and system architecture will all be discussed before the experts attempt to put a timeline on 5G and talk about the timeframe for commercialisation.

5G Forum USA – 14-15 April 2015 – California

Yet another competing event in a busy period for 5G. This forum is offering 1-to-1 meetings with industry experts as well as roundtable debates and promises to cover all the latest talking points with its ‘high level VIP speakers’.

5G World Summit – 24-25 June 2015 – Amsterdam

Billed as ‘the world’s first-ever global 5G event’, the organisers of the 5G World Summit hope to provide a platform to bring together a global mobile broadband community to discuss the transition to 5G. The drivers for 5G will be examined whilst what the network will look like will also be addressed. Also expect presentations on how MNOs will adapt and 5G standards.

So there’s a rundown, from Barcelona to London, New York and Amsterdam, conference planners are seeing the need to get a grip on 5G requirements, and throw a little light on the shady areas of the birth of a G. It also means the business development guys think there are potential sponsorship dollars around, of course – another sure sign of ramping market activity.

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