5Qs on 5G: With TeliaSonera


Telia Sonera was the first company in the world to launch a commercial LTE network, will it repeat the trick with 5G?

Linda Timsäter spoke to Inside5G about how the company views the next-generation of mobile networks.

How does TeliaSonera view its position in the market with regards to 5G?

We always aim to be at the forefront of new technology that can contribute to enhance customer experience in a significant way, just like when we pioneered and launched 4G in 2009. The development of 5G is still ongoing and, for us, it is important to make sure our customers’ future demands of us as an operator are brought into the discussion about 5G technology.

“customers will note the difference mainly when using capacity demanding services like HD Voice, and video on demand”

Therefore is it too early to speculate about a commercial launch right now, but we can say that we will launch 5G when we feel that the technology brings something new to our customers . The 4G technology still leaves a lot of opportunities for enhancing customer experience which will be realised within the coming years, until 5G is fully developed.

5G technology will offer customers more capacity, higher speed, faster response time, be more cost efficient, give a better service and higher network quality. The customers will note the difference mainly when using capacity demanding services like HD Voice, and video on demand or streaming services.

Where is your focus in terms of 5G?

We are working within several areas. Since 5G is still a couple of years away, we are now developing and optimising our 4G network to enable new services to our customers, like LTE-A and HD Voice.

“investing in our current network to be fully prepared for the future IP-based network”

When it comes to 5G, we are involved and working with the 5G standardisation in industry forums, and investing in our current network to be fully prepared for the future IP-based network that the mobile networks will consist of entirely in the future.

We are also working with developing services within TeliaSonera where 5G will be beneficial to enable the large amount of data that customers will use in the future. We have discussions with several parties but it is still too early to say.

So is 5G an evolution or a revolution in terms of networking?

“an evolution of the mobile network… a revolution to our customers’ digital behaviour”

5G is an evolution of the mobile network, but will be a revolution to our customers’ digital behaviour and the development of the connected society!

We see several use cases being beneficial of 5G, like future communication services, wearables, eHealth and not least M2M/IoT services like for example connected cars, which will demand huge amount of data capacity in the future when they become a reality in peoples’ daily lives.

What are the main challenges for you as an operator?

“5G technology must mean a fundamental change”

TeliaSonera’s position is that the 5G technology must mean a fundamental change when it comes to technology. It must cope with handling much larger amounts of data, both in more dense and rural areas and it must also be more cost efficient compared with the handling of the data today since volumes will be much larger.

Where and when are you looking at this becoming a reality?

Our main focus when it comes to 5G would be our mature markets at the time, in the Nordic, Baltics and Eurasia where we have customer demands of services being beneficial of the higher capacity and higher speed that 5G will offer.

“Until then we are working on optimising our 4G network”

We see that 5G is still a few years away, approximately around 2020. Until then we are working on optimising our 4G network with implementing a new IMS platform and offering our customers new services like for example HD Voice and LTE-A.

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