5Qs on 5G: With Comptel

Simo Isomäki, VP of Partner Development at ComptelComptel is not getting too carried away with talk that 5G could change the world as we know it. Simo Isomäki, VP of Partner Development, says it is just ‘the next new thing’ in a line of technological developments, and the service deliverer is treating it accordingly.

What is the main purpose of your involvement in 5G?

Comptel Corporation is a 26 year old software company with mission to perfect digital moments. 5G technology could be viewed as a ‘new supply’ to the consumer and business ‘demand’ that Comptel is bridging.

“wireless networks are taking a step ahead of fixed networks”

Specifically with 5G technology, the wireless networks are taking a step ahead of fixed networks in terms of bandwidth, capacity and performance. This is very important to supply consumers’ hunger for more bandwidth-hungry applications, devices and connections.

Our focus is to ensure that that ‘supply’ of capacity can be delivered, and that CSPs can meet customers’ ‘demand’ in the right moment and in the right context.

What exactly is the focus of your activities in 5G?

Comptel works in  few specific areas:

1) We help ensure that CSP offerings are sold and delivered as capacity and capabilities are available – at the right time and in the right context, without errors.

2) We help CSPs understand how their services are consumed. With a better understanding of customers’ behavior, desires and needs, CSPs can then become more relevant and accurate in providing the digital moments customers want to enjoy.

3) We ensure that CSPs are able to invest in and maintain high quality digital moments by ensuring that data usage is turned into accurate and timely revenue streams.

What are your targets in terms of output and results?

We are supporting CSPs’ desire to be relevant in their customers’ eyes, and aim to help them manage their customer relationships with the automation and accuracy provided by our software. Therefore, our target is to be ready to support 5G technology when it is deployed by CSPs.

“[5G] likely starting to emerge in some advanced markets around the 2018 timeframe”

In our view, 5G will become a reality in the 2018-2020 timeframe, likely starting to emerge in some advanced markets around the 2018 timeframe.

What will the main use cases of 5G be in your opinion?

“Industry mega-trends like the Internet of Things will drive a large part of the 5G agenda”

Most new applications are bandwidth-hungry, and at the same time, we are continuing to pour more devices and data into the network. To streamline these networks, 5G, with additional other technological advances, will be the infrastructure through which we foresee a lot of data usage usage moving through.

Industry mega-trends like the Internet of Things will drive a large part of the 5G agenda, as low-power devices that need to be connected will not be connected through 5G technology unless their specific needs are addressed.

Could you talk us through how you are planning to monetize 5G?

Our products have helped CSPs make money throughout the evolution of telecoms, from fixed telephony to 4G technology. For us, 5G is just ‘the next new thing’ .

“we add value to our customers’ business”

Our applications are becoming more and more relevant to CSPs as they experience a growing need to connect supply and demand in real-time and in more a contextual and personalised manner. Our unique approach creates capabilities to do so, and thus, we believe that we add value to our customers’ business so that they can be relevant to their customers.

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