5G Tech Announcements Ahead Of NGMN Conference

NGMN's Industry and Conference Exhibition will take place at Frankfurt's Kap Europa

NGMN’s Industry Conference & Exhibition 2015 in Frankfurt starts tomorrow. Much of the focus is set to be on the conference, where NGMN will pull apart its white paper, presenting in more depth than previously how it sees 5G use cases, technology requirements and technology candidates.

But there will also be a small exhibition alongside the conference, so as well as providing live updates from the conference programme, Inside 5G will bring you details of any technologies or research making their debut ot showing updates at the event.

Here are two companies that have already announced their presence, and what they will be exhibiting.

Rohde & Schwarz will be presenting a 5G channel sounding solution in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI). The tech comprises of a vector signal generator and baseband generator on the transmitter end, with a signal analyser on the receiver end. This works in combination with HHI’s synchronisation unit and application software.

It claims that the solution supports the research activities aimed at exploiting microwave and millimetre-wave spectrum within 5G networks and will provide dynamic range with a multi-path resolution down to 0.5 ns.

“the basis for standardising link and system design within the global 5G effort”

‘Fraunhofer HHI’s expertise in millimetre-wave channel sounding contributes to a better understanding of radio propagation, making it possible to derive realistic channel models for the relevant wireless use cases’, said Thomas Haustein, Head of the Wireless Communications and Networks Department. ‘It will therefore provide the basis for standardising link and system design within the global 5G effort.’

“This type of advanced modulation technology … could have a profound impact on the entire mobile communications industry”

MagnaCom has announced that it will be demonstrating its WAM technology, described as ‘the world’s highest capacity modulation technology for wireless networks and future 5G networks.’ WAM is intended to allow much more data to be transmitted over the same spectrum, deliver higher speeds, achieve longer distance and consume less power than QAM.

Magnacom even harvested a supporting quote from NGMN’s CEO for its presence. ‘Supporting companies such as MagnaCom who can help address operator requirements and future 5G market needs is what our event is all about,’ said NGMN’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Peter Meissner. ‘This type of advanced modulation technology, improving distance, speed, power and spectrum capacity, could have a profound impact on the entire mobile communications industry.’

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