EU adds China to list of 5G partnerships

The EU has said it will team with China on 5G research, adding to previous friendly terms it has established with South Korea and Japan.

Although there is a regional competition to commercialising 5G development, those involved also know that there is little point in developing requirements in a unilateral way on a continental basis.

For example, with official spectrum band allocation in mmWave bands unlikely to materialise until WRC-19 at the earliest, if industry takes a decision now to develop around certain bands, then that could benefit all. Similarly a common approach to specific vertical industries – an easy example would be automotive – would prevent fragmentation of development which could confuse or put off the automotive industry.

There are also several operators and vendors that act globally and have representation on a number of regional bodies – for instance Huawei and  NTTDoCoMo both appear in European and Asian development forums and alliances.

5G-PPP projects come together under one roof

Meanwhile, a workshop being held in Stockholm is bringing together 10 of the 11 EU 5G PPP projects to “to enable collaboration among the ongoing projects to create a unified European view, and to ensure a successful start of standardisation of 5G system in the next years.”

The workshop, which is being hosted by one of the 5G-PPP projects – METIS II, is a two day event which gives the chance for researchers working on different aspects of 5G technology to get together and share notes.

The ten projects in the meeting are 5G-NORMA, 5G-XHAUL, COHERENT, Euro 5G, Fantastic 5G, Flex5Gware, METIS II, mmMAGIC, SELFNET, SPEED-5G,  and XHAUL.